Barbara Greenberg

Barbara completed the Pilates Training in 2006 and is a certified instructor for group or private sessions in the mat exercises developed by Joseph and Clara Pilates. She has taught beginning and intermediate group exercise classes at the Evanston Athletic Club for over 12 years and more recently at Northwestern University in addition to a weekly class at Kobe Care. She has worked with people of all ages from elementary students to senior citizens and at a variety ability levels.

Pilates is a system of exercises coupled with focused breathing to stretch, strengthen and balance the development of core muscles. Benefits of Pilates exercises include:

- Alignment of the spine
- Increase breath capacity of the lungs
- Target deep muscles of the abdomen & back
- Improve posture
- Increase bone density and joint health
- Develop positive body awareness
- Reduce stress and tension

Barbara teaches modifications for the exercises to accommodate physical limitations so that the workout is accessible to everyone. When appropriate, more intense levels of an exercise are demonstrated to challenge the level of work. In Pilates we use muscle groups in opposition to create resistance without adding additional weights to create long, lean muscles. We work at our own comfort level to create a mind body connection as we progress through the exercises to improve our fitness and overall health.