Concierge Service

Concierge service is a model of health care where physicians treat a much smaller number of patients and are able to provide a more personalized experiences and tailored level of care than in a typical physician’s office. Patients pay a membership fee to join the practice. Concierge service was developed in response to increasing pressure on physicians to grow revenue by seeing more patients in less time, resulting in rushed appointments, nurse gatekeepers, longer wait times, and a less satisfying patient-physician relationship.

At Ko Be Care, the concierge model allows us to provide patients and families with a far more pleasant office experience. We offer different levels of concierge service options that are catered to individual needs and schedules. With a smaller practice size, we can spend more time with you and your family and delve into issues that may not be addressed in the hurried environment of a traditional practice. Phone calls are answered personally and you can easily get an appointment whenever you need it. In our practice you won’t sit in a crowded waiting room or have to anxiously wait for a call back from the doctor. The tailored level of care and patient experience is significantly different – which can be seen through the glowing reviews we receive from grateful families.

Thank you for entrusting Ko Be Care with your family's healthcare journey. We look forward to continue to serve you and your family with our highest standard and personalized custom tailored care.

For more information on customized service, email us to schedule a consultation.

Membership will be a nonrefundable $8,800 fee per patient per year for Gold level. Emerald, Platinum, and Diamond Levels are also available for upgrade based on availability.